Portable UV Lamp Mini Indigo, white

UV Mini Indigo, Perenio

Portable UV lamp for local disinfection of indoor air and surfaces. Kills microbes and viruses with ultraviolet and ozone


Disinfects a car or a small room in 30 minutes


Destroys dust mites, viruses and bacteria





Eliminates unpleasant odors

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How it works?

Uv mini indigo fights viruses and bacteria with UV radiation and ozone

Ultraviolet radiation in the spectrum of 200-300 nm causes destruction and damage to the genetic structures of microorganisms, viruses, molds etc. Cells with damaged DNA lose their ability to reproduce and grow. Ozone has an unstable molecule, during oxidation it gives off an oxygen atom and turns back into a stable and safe O2 molecule.


It is forbidden to look at the switched on lamp! It is forbidden to use in the presence of people, animals and plants! After disinfection, ventilate the room for 30 minutes!

For your safety, please, leave the primeses while 15 sec countdown timer


What`s in the box?

  • Small device

  • Micro USB cord

  • Device manual


Article: PEMUV01 (White)
Specifications: 5VDC (Input), 3.7V max, 500mA, 50/60Hz, 2.5W (Power), UVC light
Wavelength: 187 nm, 253.7 nm
Intensity: 2100 μw/cm2
Coverage Area: up to  9m2

Kills viruses and bacteria. Destroys unpleasant odors, dust mites and molds. Kills most part of known viruses and bacteria, dust mites and germs, as well as mold, moth and unpleasant odor in the air

Double protection from UV and Ozone. Double disinfecting effect from simultaneous exposure to ultraviolet and ozone provides air purification from viruses, bacteria, germs and dust

Disinfects small room in 30 min. Turn on the lamp for only 30 minutes a day to effectively clean the room from bacteria and protect your family

15 second start delay. Safe disinfection thanks to a countdown timer with a 15 second start delay so you can leave the premises and carry out a safe disinfection

Operating reserve of the device 15,000 h. More than 3 years of reliable operation of a portable UV lamp with daily use for 30 minutes

Light weight and small size. The weight of the lamp is only 120 grams, which is even less than a bottle of cola or an apple


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